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I am currently the Outreach Director for Virginia onAir.  I am a recent graduate of  George Mason University. I majored in Global Affairs and was a Global Political Fellow where I interned with Democracy onAir.  I am also a member of the GMU onAir chapter.

My mission is to help expand the Virginia onAir network to other areas of the state to ultimately provide an all encompassing, unbiased source for news and general information on Virginia politics.



Email: Democracy OnAir


Interview with Delegate Karrie Delaney
Virginia onAir
Published on November 18, 2019
By: Virginia onAir

I interviewed Delegate Karrie Delaney at the redistricting forum on November 17, 2019 in Fairfax, Virginia.

Interview with Delegate Mark Levine
Virginia onAir
Published on November 17, 2019
By: Virginia onAir

I interviewed Delegate Mark Levine following the 2019 redistricting forum in Fairfax, Virginia.




Personal Information

I have been an undergraduate at GMU since the fall of 2017 and began my major in Global Affairs in the spring of 2018. During my time at GMU, I have taken part in the Global Politics Fellowship offered by the Schar School of Government and Policy. I have also taken classes in advanced French language, and have completed a minor in Biological Sciences. Besides working as a part of the GMU onAir chapter, I also work as a part of the George Mason University Information department as a student employee. In the spring of 2020, I plan on continuing my work with Virginia onAir as well as taken part in an internship with Potomac Strategic Development in which I will lobby on Capitol Hill on behalf of Lions Club International, Special Olympics International, and the National Association of Community Health Centers.



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