Jim Myles

Jim Myles


Current Position: US Senator
Affiliation: Republican
Candidate: 2022 US Representative for District 11
Former Position: Federal United States Administrative Law Judge

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I moved to Burke from San Diego in 2004. Debra and I have been married for over 22 years. We have two children. Jacob is a college sophomore studying engineering and Luke is a sophomore in a local high school. We are active in our community and are members of Burke Community Church. I am a member of the American Legion Post 177 in Fairfax and a long time supporter of the Knights of Columbus.
I was selected to serve as a Fellow, United States Congress, House Ways and Means Committee, Subcommittee on Social Security (Republican Staff) and was awarded a Certificate in Legislative Studies by the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University. I recently retired from my public service as a Federal United States Administrative Law Judge.

My interests include golf; Fairfax Little League (coached several seasons and served as a parent umpire); Burke Basketball (coached over a decade and served as a referee); I play in the Burke grey-haired basketball league (2020 Division Champions); and Fairfax Adult Softball Leagues ((Doc’s (2021 Division Champions) and the Stallones).


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Source: Campaign page

“We need to come back together and unite around the values that made America the greatest country ever.” -Jim Myles

I am conservative and believe in free markets, small government, faith, family, assuming personal responsibility with a shared duty for the care of those in need.

I am pro-life, a member of the NRA, and a supporter of the second amendment. I also believe that the government cannot favor any religion or non-religion, all have a first amendment right that the government must respect.

Economy & Jobs

Federal debt is approaching critical mass, imposing a huge burden on our children and grandchildren. This is no longer sustainable, and I bring years of experience in federal entitlements and benefit payments and will work to sustain promised benefits for our younger workers and work to eliminate excessive spending. We, as Republicans, need to better recognize the hard work of our federal employees and still need to do much better in our efforts to stop the growth and spending that have been the hallmark of the political class in Washington.

Health & Education

Our children need a stellar education, not indoctrination in the progressive movement and sexualization of everything in our schools. There are no women’s rights for biological males. I fully support Governor Youngkin and have complete confidence he will ensure the governing school officials are responsive to the parents and the families in our communities. As the father of a Robinson student, you will see me at school board meetings in Fairfax and other schools in the 11th District.  I look forward to meeting with you to learn more about your views and what I can do as your Representative in Congress to help parents take their schools back.  Parents have a fundamental right to control their children’s public education.  Let’s add a parent resource to our public schools to be there every day to work with our educators.  Those officials that refuse will be discharged for cause.

Human Rights

Woke censorship of conservative views and the cancel culture are serious dangers to the freedoms of all Americans. These big tech companies have too much control of the media with complete control of the messaging which threatens free speech and vigorous debate that are essential to a healthy democracy. I will work to restore an environment where we can have a fair and even public debate on the issues that all Americans face. This is perhaps the most important issue. To make well-reasoned and informed choices, all Americans deserve a chance to be heard and all Americans deserve a complete report on the facts to make informed decisions on the best direction for America.

Public Safety

Crime is the result of many factors, but to return criminals to the streets as a regular course of business has been a disaster. These practices have made our country, especially our largest cities, war zones with clear evidence of huge increases in violent and property crimes. It is only a matter of time before families in the 11th District are endangered by prosecutors and courts that do not take the necessary actions to protect us. I fully support law enforcement and our first responders and will work to hold accountable elected officials that support policies that protect the criminals at the expense of the victims. We need to hold woke elected officials, prosecutors and judges personally liable for damages caused by their reckless behaviors.

We need sensible immigration reform to respect our borders and the rule of law. I support the completion of the wall and a path to citizenship for all legal entrants. America needs younger workers and families, but it must be done legally. I would propose that anyone in the country illegally register, and return to their country of origin. They would be vetted, and then admitted on a priority basis in a legal status with a pathway to citizenship. Those that choose not to register and return legally would never have that opportunity.

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