Communications, Technology and Innovation Committee

Communications, Technology and Innovation Committee


Meets on:  Monday at 10:00 a.m. in House Room 3

Members:  Cliff Hayes (Chair) – Alex Askew – Hala Ayala – Emily Brewer – Kathy Byron –  Jeff Campbell –  James Edmunds – Kelly Fowler – Nick Freitas – Keith Hodges – Sally Hudson –  Clint Jenkins – Dave LaRock –   Ken Plum – Danica Roem – Chris Runion – Ibraheem Samirah – Don Scott – Suhas Subramanyam – Jeion Ward – Michael Webert – Rodney Willett

13 Democrats and 9 Republicans


  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Innovation



VA Legislative Information Systems (LIS), House Committee pages


Communications Subcommittee

Meets on:  Monday at 8:30 a.m. in House Room 3

Members:  Danica Roem (Chair)  Kathy ByronJeff Campbell,  James Edmunds,  Kelly Fowler,  Clint Jenkins,   Ken Plum,  Danica RoemChris Runion,  Suhas Subramanyam,  Michael Webert, Rodney Willett

Technology and Innovation Subcommittee

Meets on:  Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. in 400-B Subcommittee Room

Members:  Hala Ayala (Chair),   Alex Askew,  Emily Brewer,  James Edmunds,  Kelly Fowler,  Keith HodgesSally Hudson,  Dave LaRock,  Ibraheem SamirahDon Scott,  Jeion Ward


Bills in committee 

(none at this time)

Bills reported out 

(none at this time)

Bills Passed

Commissions & Boards

Joint Commission on Technology and Science

Source: Webpage

The Joint Commission on Technology and Science (JCOTS), a permanent legislative agency established in 1997, studies all aspects of technology and science, and strives to encourage, promote, and assist in the development of sound technology and science policy in the Commonwealth.

Aerospace Advisory Council

Source: Webpage

To advise the Governor, the Joint Commission on Technology and Science, and the Secretaries of Commerce and Trade, Technology, and Education on policy and funding priorities with respect to aerospace economic development, workforce training, educational programs, and educational curriculum, and to promote the aerospace and space exploration industry in the Commonwealth.

Broadband Advisory Council

Source: Webpage

The purpose of the Council shall be to advise the Governor on policy and funding priorities to expedite deployment and reduce the cost of broadband access in the Commonwealth

Clean Energy Advisory Board

Source: Website

The Clean Energy Advisory Board (the Board) is established as an advisory board in the executive branch of state government. The purpose of the Board is to establish a pilot program for disbursing loans or rebates for the installation of solar energy infrastructure in low-income and moderate-income households through the “Low-to-Moderate Income Solar Loan and Rebate Fund” (the Fund).

Modeling and Simulation Advisory Council

Source: Webpage

To advise the Governor on policy and funding priorities to promote the modeling and simulation industry in the Commonwealth

Online Virginia Network Authority

Source: Webpage

The Online Virginia Network Authority (the Authority) is established as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth for the purpose of providing a means for individuals to earn degrees and postsecondary education credentials by improving the quality of and expanding access to online degree and credential programs that are beneficial to citizens, public institutions of higher education, and employers in the Commonwealth.

Research & Technology Investment Advisory Committee

Source: Webpage

The Advisory Committee shall be administered by and advise the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority.

Qualifications: Ten (10) members as follows: the four vice-provosts of research at major state institutions of higher education from the state institutions of higher education not represented on the Authority, the president and chief executive officer of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and five citizens members appointed by the Governor (1), Speaker of the House (2), and the Senate Committee on Rules (2).

Solar Energy Development and Energy Storage Authority

Source: Webpage

Virginia Solar Energy Development and Energy Development Authority is created as a body corporate and a political subdivision of the Commonwealth and as such shall have, and is vested with, all of the politic and corporate powers as are set forth in this chapter. The Authority is established for the purposes of facilitating, coordinating, and supporting the development, either by the Authority or by other qualified entities, of the solar energy industry and solar energy projects by developing programs that increase the availability of financing for solar energy projects, facilitate the increase of solar energy generation systems on public and private sector facilities in the Commonwealth, promote the growth of the Virginia solar industry, and provide a hub for collaboration between entities, both public and private, to partner on solar energy projects. The Authority may also consult with research institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and stakeholders as the Authority deems appropriate.


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